• Small bug fix release. Fixes regression that prevented usage of “virtual” columns with a custom formatter.


  • Official Python 3.5 support
  • Customizable row actions
  • Tablib support (exporting to XLS, XLSX, CSV, etc)
  • Updated external dependencies (jQuery, x-editable, etc)
  • Added settings that allows exceptions to be raised on view errors
  • Bug fixes


  • Updated and reworked documentation
  • FileAdmin went through minor refactoring and now supports remote file systems. Comes with the new, optional, AWS S3 file management interface
  • Configurable CSV export for model views
  • Added overridable URL generation logic. Allows using custom URLs with parameters for administrative views
  • Added column_display_actions to ModelView control visibility of the action column without overriding the template
  • Added support for the latest MongoEngine
  • New SecureForm base class for easier CSRF validation
  • Lots of translation-related fixes and updated translations
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: Edit models in the list view in a popup
  • New feature: Read-only model details view
  • Fixed XSS in column_editable_list values
  • Improved navigation consistency in model create and edit views
  • Ability to choose page size in model list view
  • Updated client-side dependencies (jQuery, Select2, etc)
  • Updated documentation and examples
  • Updated translations
  • Bug fixes