Source code for flask_admin.form

from wtforms import form, __version__ as wtforms_version
from wtforms.fields.core import UnboundField
from flask_admin.babel import Translations

from .fields import *  # noqa: F403,F401
from .widgets import *  # noqa: F403,F401
from .upload import *  # noqa: F403,F401

[docs]class BaseForm(form.Form): _translations = Translations() def __init__(self, formdata=None, obj=None, prefix=u'', **kwargs): self._obj = obj super(BaseForm, self).__init__(formdata=formdata, obj=obj, prefix=prefix, **kwargs) def _get_translations(self): return self._translations
class FormOpts(object): __slots__ = ['widget_args', 'form_rules'] def __init__(self, widget_args=None, form_rules=None): self.widget_args = widget_args or {} self.form_rules = form_rules def recreate_field(unbound): """ Create new instance of the unbound field, resetting wtforms creation counter. :param unbound: UnboundField instance """ if not isinstance(unbound, UnboundField): raise ValueError('recreate_field expects UnboundField instance, %s was passed.' % type(unbound)) return unbound.field_class(*unbound.args, **unbound.kwargs) if int(wtforms_version[0]) > 1: # only WTForms 2+ has built-in CSRF functionality from os import urandom from flask import session, current_app from wtforms.csrf.session import SessionCSRF from flask_admin._compat import text_type class SecureForm(BaseForm): """ BaseForm with CSRF token generation and validation support. Requires WTForms 2+ """ class Meta: csrf = True csrf_class = SessionCSRF _csrf_secret = urandom(24) @property def csrf_secret(self): secret = current_app.secret_key or self._csrf_secret if isinstance(secret, text_type): secret = secret.encode('utf-8') return secret @property def csrf_context(self): return session else: class SecureForm(BaseForm): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): raise Exception("SecureForm requires WTForms 2+")